Monday, May 2, 2011

Bizarre Bazaar

So, on Saturday Jen and I were invited to partake in this fair on Hawthorne in Portland. We were really excited because 1) we were invited, so we thought that there would be a cohesive fair where the person who put it together would have advertised it and would have been there the whole time. 2) It was on Hawthorne, which is this amazing street of Portland where there are tons of hipsters and hippies and that make a long story short, it was extremely disappointing.
Yet, Jen and I made the most of hit, by sketching new designs, having two minute "draw-offs" and, of course, playing Mash-O!! I ended up married to Kanye west with four kids living in a pea-green outhouse. Jen's future was married to Drake with five kids wile being pregnant, and she too lived in an outhouse! So, it was a weirdly productive day, and above are some of the pictures we took to keep ourselves sane! :)
Hopefully you are having a beautiful day!


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